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Published On: Jue, Dic 26th, 2013


SusanRiceI know I keep pestering my friends with this subject, but I can’t help to notice how stupid and stereotyped we can be. After the Civil Rights struggle in the early sixties black Americans, at least their vast majority, came to the erroneous conclusion that the Democratic Party was their heaven on earth. Ever since LBJ any African American who joined the GOP or showed any signs of conservatism was labeled an Uncle Tom. All of a sudden Republicans became the archenemy.

I personally believe that racism, in the shape of not allowing blacks to be part of the inner circle, exists everywhere and Susan Rice’s sudden fall from grace serves as an iconic example. This lady is a hard working, sharp, capable and loyal politician who seemed destined to take Hillary’s place at State should Obama win a second term (which I didn’t doubt for one minute). Despite being a democrat she is as hawkish as any American in the foreign relations area can be; she’s more relentless and stands her ground better than flip flopping John Kerry. All seemed to be going according to plan until the Benghazi debacle came to the foreground and eclipsed everything else. Negligence, arrogance and aboulia were never more apparent in the State Department, the heat kept building momentum and Mrs Clinton, with her proverbial sense of opportunity, chose to call in sick and assign the task of tackling the grilling of the American media to Susan Rice; moreover, Ms Rice was hastily handed a few talking points that wouldn’t even fool a ten year old. It was mission impossible, everybody knew that the attack on our consulate was a premeditated and carefully planned act of aggression on US soil abroad and had little or nothing to do with the infamous video. She was sent to lie to the American people to save her boss’s hide.

The rest is history, a demoralized Republican Party took the opportunity to depict the administration as incompetent, frivolous, and evasive; everybody at Pennsylvania 1600 played dumb and Rice was left alone to weather the storm. She was called all kinds of names and witnessed with dismay how her dream went down the drain.

The sad truth is that Hillary could not be touched; she had been forced to sit 2008 out because the powers that be had decided to host a black man in the White House, but she was promised the full support of the Democratic machinery in 2016 if she still wanted to be president; her reputation could not be smeared so they threw the black woman mother of two to the lions. This should serve as a lesson to those who foolishly believe that democrats are the African American choice of politics by default.

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